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Pizza para festa

Pizza crek reinvented individual pizza a different flavor in every piece.

Not Crepe, Pancake, Cone, Taco, Its Pizza Crek!!!!!!

Extra thin and Crispy dough, topped with a great variety and of ingredients.

There are more than 25 flavors of pizzas (Savory, sweet and Light).

At Pizza Crek everything is designed for you to have the best and the most spectacular experience to enjoy a Practical, inexpensive, different, crunchy and very tasty pizza. We are very serious about the ingredients and presentation of our pizzas, which are individually wrapped for the costumers conveniece.

Pizzas para festas

Pizza Crek was created by one of the top pizza cooks in South America. He worked for many years in the most traditional pizza places in Sao Paulo/Brazil. After much hard work in one of those Pizzerias he decided to make a single pizza for himself. That day, he sought practicality, trying to avoid using dishes. After the first failed attempt, he decided to invest in the idea and worked to perfect what today is, PIZZA CREK, which currently has a patent pending with the INPI.

Today we have stores all over the largest city in South America, Sao Paulo/Brazil including delivery services in any county. We are now covering the whole territory of the USA.

Pizza crek para festas

More than 250.000 (Two Hundred fifty Thousand) Pizzas Crek consumed Monthly. Pizza Crek is the Brazilian Brand that has the largest number of Followers on Facebook and Instagram, just for being practical, delicious and innovative.

PIZZA CREK, enjoy this idea.

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